Rome, 23 April, 2020

DeA Capital Real Estate SGR remains fully operational even during the Covid-19 emergency and is investing in the healthcare sector, currently under unprecedented pressure.

The acquisition of a hospital facility from Eurosanità S.p.A. for just under €15 million was closed by a notarized deed.

This facility, located in the Casilino neighborhood of Rome, consists of a free-standing five-story building used as a hospital inpatient facility, as well as a second building with one above-ground and one below-ground floor, for commercial use, with a total gross floor area of more than 12,000 square meters.

DeA Capital Real Estate SGR made the acquisition through the Tessalo Fund, a real estate alternative investment fund reserved for professional investors, dedicated solely to the healthcare sector. The Tessalo Fund is one of Italy's leading real estate funds in the sector, with assets consisting of clinics, private hospitals or hospitals affiliated with public and private entities, nursing homes, research centers, analysis laboratories, radiology and physical therapy centers offering over 600 total beds.

In the Casilino neighborhood of Rome, the Tessalo Fund already owns two other major healthcare facilities, the Casilino Polyclinic and the Assisted Procreation Center. This latest acquisition thus naturally completes the real estate assets held by the Fund and caps off an industrial strategy for the sector that aims to extend and expand the type of healthcare services available in the area.

The building was leased to Eurosanità S.p.A. and subleased to Medica Group S.r.l. The lease agreement with Eurosanità S.p.A. has a term of 18 years with automatic renewal, under the same terms and conditions, for an additional nine years.

The Tessalo Fund is a real estate alternative investment fund reserved for professional investors and among the largest Italian real estate funds entirely dedicated to healthcare, managed by DeA Capital Real Estate SGR S.p.A. The Fund's real estate portfolio exceeds €220 million and includes among its facilities some of Italy's healthcare excellences such as the Quisisana clinic, Villa Stuart nursing home, Policlinico Casilino, Fertility Treatment Unit, RSA Santa Elisabetta I, and RSA Santa Elisabetta II.