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DeA Capital Real Estate SGR receives Two special Awards at the Plan Real Estate Awards 2023 for its Park West and “Exploration and Production “ Products

Milan, 1 February, 2024

The awards ceremony for THE PLAN Real Estate Award – one of the most important international awards dedicated to excellence in architecture, interior design and urban planning – was held at the Fonderia Napoleonica Eugenia in Milan. DeA Capital Real Estate SGR was awarded two special recognitions by a jury of industry experts. DeA Capital Real Estate SGR CEO Emanuele Caniggia collected the awards.

The first award was in the ESG category, for the PARK WEST project carried out in Milan.

The Park West business district is part of the new SeiMilano neighborhood, an urban and landscape regeneration project part of the Calchi Taeggi-Bisceglie Integrated Intervention Plan. Conceived by the firm MCA - Mario Cucinella Architects, the SeiMilano Masterplan springs from the relationship between the design of the new urban park and the structure of the buildings, to encourage permeability between the park, residences, public/private spaces and the rest of the city, thus transforming the area in view of maximum sustainability. With the development of Park West, DeA Capital Real Estate SGR is joining the movement to transform the city of Milan in a polycentric and sustainable direction, offering a tertiary product of high architectural quality and energy and functional efficiency in an area historically recognised as peripheral.

The second special recognition went to the Exploration and Production business center in San Donato Milanese in the Innovation and Design category.

The design of the "Exploration and Production" Business Center in San Donato Milanese is the result of an international competition won in 2011, the work of Nemesi (associate architect) and Morphosis (leader architect). The concept for the Business Center is based on the idea of layering that transforms matter into energy: like a flow of dynamic energy, the three horizontal buildings, emerging from the ground, radiate into the surrounding landscape, shaping the large central square. Through the organization of squares, green areas and terraces, the Business Center maintains an open dialog with its urban surroundings, offering striking glimpses of visual permeability, while respecting and enhancing the continuity and integrity of green spaces.

Milano 3.0 September 2023

MILANO 3.0 awarded Best Outstanding Residential Project of 2023 at the Scenari Immobiliari Forum

15 September 2023  

DeA Capital Real Estate SGR received recognition at the 31st edition of the Scenari Immobiliari Forum, which took place on 15 September in Rapallo, in the "Best Outstanding Residential Project of 2023" category, for its project, Milano 3 — Next Generation Living.

Milano 3.0 Next Generation Living is a DeA Capital Real Estate SGR and Fondo HighGarden project, designed by the prestigious Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia studio, with Dils acting as the advisor and commercial partner, Starching being the entity responsible for technical coordination and integrated design, and Milano Contract District and partners being responsible for preparing the technical specifications.


Mario Breglia, President of Scenari Immobiliari, presented the award, explaining, "This project is particularly innovative in terms of the relationship between the urban fabric (excellent quality) and nature. It also highlights the concept of neighbourhood life, responding to current demand".

Emanuele Caniggia, CEO of DeA Capital Real Estate SGR, collected the award and said, "I have always been a firm advocate for quality and innovation. I believe that these are the way forwards for those offering market opportunities to increasingly specialised operators and investors, especially in the current macroeconomic climate. Milano 3.0 is an innovative and high-quality project and I am really proud of this recognition from the market".



DeA Capital Real Estate SGR wins "WORLD GOLD WINNER" Awards with The Medelan, at the 73rd Edition of the FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Awards held in Miami

9 June 2023

DeA Capital Real Estate SGR won two prestigious "WORLD GOLD WINNER" awards with The Medelan, at the gala evening of the 73rd edition of the FIABCI World Prix d'Excellence Awards held on 9 June in Miami, in the Heritage and Mixed-Use Development categories.


This is the first time in the history of the FIABCI Awards that an Italian project has won the Prix d'Excellence. Founded in 1951 in Paris, FIABCI is the global business networking organisation for all professionals associated with the real estate segment in 47 countries worldwide.

The Medelan is the redevelopment project managed by DeA Capital Real Estate, with PAREF overseeing the project as an advisor. The project concerns Palazzo Broggi, overlooking Piazza Cordusio. Nestled in the heart of Milan's business district, just a stone's throw away from the Duomo, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and Teatro alla Scala, it is one of the most renowned and coveted trophy assets in the European real estate market.

Today, The Medelan aims to be Milan's top lifestyle destination, 24/7: its interior spaces are designed to make the buildings usable and dynamic at all times and there are special spaces for retail, offices and leisure activities. The Medelan is LEED Platinum certified (WiredScore), and is currently undergoing the WELL Silver certification process. Big international brands have chosen The Medelan for their commercial premises or as an office space, including Chanel, Barclays Bank Ireland PLC, Ferrari, F2i SGR, HSBC Continental Europe Italy, K&L Gates Servizi S.r.l., Ludoil Energy, Palm Angels, Coin and Kave Home


This year, DeA Capital Real Estate has again participated in the independent assessment with the following AIFs: Aetmosphere, Altair, Broggi, Civitas Vitae, Diamond Core, Diamond Italian Properties, Drive, HighGarden, Housing Sociale Liguria, Laurus, Leone, Lumiere, Milan Development 1, Park West, HS Roma Santa Pal omba, Tessalo and SICAF AREEF 2 Sub fund A. Three of the aforementionedAIFs participated by submitting a double questionnaire (development and performance), bringing the assessments obtained to 20. The asset classes of the participating products range from social housing, residential, entertainment, healthcare, and office and retail. The results achieved in the 2023 Assessment once again demonstrate DeA Capital Real Estate SGR's commitment to managing ESG issues in its investment activity, confirming its average rating at 3.4 points out of 5, with a score that stands at an average of 85 points out of 100. Furthermore, all AIFs that took part for the second time saw a substantial increase in their scores, with an average up +2.4% compared with 2022. This demo nstrates the effectiveness of the efforts implemented to optimise ESG strategies.


The Woliba Campus has achieved Italy’s first Greenpass Certification - Silver level

Rome, 2023

The Woliba Life & Business Park campus, owned by Fondo Laurus, managed by DeA Capital Real Estate SGR, has achieved Italy's first Greenpass certification and earned Silver level.
The site features a large number of green spaces and tall vegetation, which have a positive impact on certification scores.
The use of recyclable and draining materials also contributes to earning extra points in specific indicators.
The Woliba Life & Business Park site's performance was measured using GREENPASS, the world's first software as a service that enables the planning of climate-change-resilient cities, providing comprehensive information on a project's performance in relation to six urban challenges: climate, air, water, biodiversity, energy and cost.

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DeA Capital Real Estate SGR wins two of the four "THE PLAN Real Estate Award 2022 with the Boero (Genoa) and Milan 3.0 Projects

24 November 2022

The award ceremony for the THE PLAN Real Estate Award, one of the most important international awards dedicated to excellence in architecture, interior design and urban planning, took place on 25 November in Milan at the Fonderia Napoleonica Eugenia.

DeA Capital Real Estate SGR was awarded two of the four prestigious awards handed out by the jury of industry experts.

DeA Capital Real Estate SGR was awarded two of the four prestigious awards handed out by the jury of industry experts.

The first was in the ESG category with the BOERO project carried out in Genoa.

Designed by Barreca & La Varra, the project is part of the integrated programme of social housing initiatives by DeA Capital Real Estate SGR, within the Fondo Housing Sociale Liguria, which aims to promote an idea of sustainable and collaborative housing w ithin everyone's reach, in a context attuned to the social dimension of living.

The second prize was awarded to Milano 3.0 in the Innovation and Design category

Designed by Studio Atelier Femia, the new Milano 3.0 residential development is based on an innovative urban planning model, just like the one with which Milano 3 was originally conceived in the 1970s. In terms of architectural quality, building techniques, efficiency and innovation, the new development will become a driving force for the regeneration of Basiglio's garden city heritage.

The complex will be in energy class A4 and has been designed to obtain the LEED environmental certification.

Award Palazzo Broggi

DeA Capital Real Estate SGR won the best project prize in the mixed-use category with the palazzo Broggi-Medelan redevelopment in piazza Cordusio, Milan

22 June 2022

DeA Capital Real Estate SGR won the best project prize in the Mixed-use category with the Palazzo Broggi-The Medelan redevelopment in Piazza Cordusio, Milan.


By means of the recognition obtained during the summer edition of RE Italy 2022 organised by
Monitorimmobiliare at Borsa Italiana, The Medelan won the Italian selection and will compete for the FIABCI Prix d'Excellence in Miami in June next year.

Taking its name from the first name that the Celts gave to Milan in 590 BC, The Medelan
redevelopment project has breathed new life into one of the most iconic historical buildings in the city and enhanced its pre-existing beauty, all while converting it into a place of interest for various audiences including retailers, professionals, tourists and Milanese citizens.

Renzo Misitano, director of real estate development for the AMC, accepted the award.