We offer excellent investment opportunities and realize each transaction by selecting the best possibilities to achieve solid returns.

Our strategy focuses on commercial assets – residential, logistics, office, hospitality, senior and social living, retail & mixed use – selected for their ability to deliver significant value creation.

We work with a variety of investment managers and fund structures: we make investments for discretionary funds on behalf of third parties according to the risk profile and we are able to cover a broad base of investors from Core, via Value Add / Opportunistic, Joint Venture up to structured deals, etc.

Our competent and experienced asset management teams make sure that the value of each investment is extracted in the optimum way and time.

Our investment process

A unique set of skills & expertise to successfully deliver on a wide range of initiatives following a well established process.

DeA Capital Real Estate is fully equipped to cover most investment strategies


Our investment process

Our investment process is based on risk-mitigation to execute on all aspects of an investment’s lifecycle and drive solid returns.

Investment strategy

Local teams define several investment thesis, raise funds from selected investors and make investment decisions based on an asset’s full lifecycle

Investment Sourcing

Broad network of local brokers, operators and off-market relationships to source investment opportunities and create robust pipeline of opportunities

Analysis & underwriting

Deep local market knowledge and relationships to perform detailed financial analysis and cash flow forecasts

Deal execution

Covering all transaction steps:

  • Investment Committee reviews and approval
  • Due diligence
  • Negotiation of financing
  • Business Plan and Budget
  • Legal documentation
  • Transaction structure
Asset Management

Covering all AM activities:

  • Property strategy
  • Letting / renegotiation of lease agreements
  • Capex / maintenance
  • Reporting / accounting
  •  Development / redevelopment
  • Controlling
  • Sale

ESG Responsible approach

The responsible approach is reflected in all phases of our investment process: we analyse, integrate and monitor the risks and ESG factors in order to achieve the highest possible value for investments and to ensure the objectives set by our investors and stakeholders.