The project for the Exploration and Production Business Center in San Donato Milanese, represents the outcome of an international competition awarded in 2011, which bears the signature of Nemesi (associated architect) together with Morphosis (lead architect).
The Center completely reinterprets the concept of a business tower by creating a horizontal landscape architecture open to the surrounding urban context.
The concept of the Business Center gives shape to the idea of layering, consistently with the core business of the tenant, which transforms matter into energy: like a flow of dynamic energy, the 3 horizontal buildings, emerging from the ground with tectonic power, radiate into the landscape-path, shaping the large central square.
Through the organization of squares, green areas and terraces the Business Center maintains an open dialogue with the urban surroundings, offering striking glimpses of visual perpetuity, respecting and enhancing the continuity and integrity of green spaces, while maintaining the internal privacy of the building.

Location San Donato Milanese (MI), Italy
Investment type Milan Development 1 Fund
Sector Retail and Mixed Use