The awards ceremony for THE PLAN Real Estate Award – one of the most important international awards dedicated to excellence in architecture, interior design and urban planning – was held at the Fonderia Napoleonica Eugenia in Milan. DeA Capital Real Estate SGR was awarded two special recognitions by a jury of industry experts. DeA Capital Real Estate SGR CEO Emanuele Caniggia collected the awards. The first award was in the ESG category, for the PARK WEST project carried out in Milan. The Park West business district is part of the new SeiMilano neighborhood, an urban and landscape regeneration project part of the Calchi Taeggi-Bisceglie Integrated Intervention Plan. Conceived by the firm MCA - Mario Cucinella Architects, the SeiMilano Masterplan springs from the relationship between the design of the new urban park and the structure of the buildings, to encourage permeability between the park, residences, public/private spaces and the rest of the city, thus transforming the area in view of maximum sustainability. With the development of Park West, DeA Capital Real Estate SGR is joining the movement to transform the city of Milan in a polycentric and sustainable direction, offering a tertiary product of high architectural quality and energy and functional efficiency in an area historically recognised as peripheral. The second special recognition went to the Exploration and Production business center in San Donato Milanese in the Innovation and Design category. The design of the "Exploration and Production" Business Center in San Donato Milanese is the result of an international competition won in 2011, the work of Nemesi (associate architect) and Morphosis (leader architect). The concept for the Business Center is based on the idea of layering that transforms matter into energy: like a flow of dynamic energy, the three horizontal buildings, emerging from the ground, radiate into the surrounding landscape, shaping the large central square. Through the organization of squares, green areas and terraces, the Business Center maintains an open dialog with its urban surroundings, offering striking glimpses of visual permeability, while respecting and enhancing the continuity and integrity of green spaces.